Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods
We are the heirs of a Mediterranean lifestyle: balanced, healthy, savouring every moment. Like you. Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods is a brand of Cañigueral Group, a dynamic family parent company with half a century of experience offering you quality food. Exquisite marinated, burgers, croquettes, snacks, chorizo, jamón and innovative oven-ready dishes. We are diverse and passionate like you. You take care of your family and we will take care of you.

Like you, we know that meat is a source of energy, iron and vitamins. This is why we guarantee the highest level of freshness. Meat which is continuously cut and packaged, without being held in stock, so that it reaches your shelves just how you like it: at its peak. Including frozen produce. From the finest cuts for that special dinner, to that quick sandwich!


We surprise you so you can surprise everyone. We prepare the tastiest range of marinated for you, exquisite hamburgers made from juicy mince, with a thousand nuances for your palate; traditional croquettes like they used to be. Or our melt-in-the-mouth BBQ ribs. It’s true you can’t buy time; this is why we do all we can to give it to you.


Traditional, but always in fashion. Convenient and portable, just in time for everything: lunch at work, the children’s afternoon snack or a party with friends. Jamón serrano chorizo, loin, salami, snacks and charcuterie from pork, chicken or turkey prepared with our choicest meat. Whole pieces or sliced, to make life easy for you. Enjoy our Mediterranean treats.

Are you a professional?

We offer bespoke solutions, with capacity and flexibility, dedicating ourselves to being efficient. We are leaders in food safety and quality and we have the most internationally prestigious certifications in our eleven production plants.

We operate with a long-term mentality, working as partners: we share a passion and a mindset with our clients.

We innovate with different production lines, such as antibiotic-free meat. And we innovate in formats to offer solutions to manufacturers and the food service sector with thoughtful packaging. We have a logistics system that can reach any part of the world and investment capacity to take on joint projects. Come and speak to us.