Rated as one of the best Spanish companies by InfoJobs


The prestigious InfoJobs portal has awarded us at the InfoJobs Awards as one of the best Spanish companies to work for, among the more than 100,000 that move the online job search platform. This job search portal offers you all kinds of jobs, whether in large, medium or small companies, with different preferences in terms of salary, working hours, working schedule, position, sectors…

Our Valencian plant in Cheste has been highly valued by all the people, whether they are candidates, workers or ex-workers. Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods competes on this occasion directly with large companies in our country, such as Mercadona, Inditex, Decathlon, Amazon, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Tous, Fnac, HP…

Congratulations to our entire organisation for this recognition and thank you all very much for your feedback

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We are participating once again in the „Fòrum Industrial de Girona“ promoted by the Polytechnic School of the UdG

The Board of Trustees of the Polytechnic School of the […]

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Our Longaniza de Payés and Longaniza de Pascua in Mercadona’s top according to DAP

„Directo al Paladar“ chooses our longanizas for their top Mercadona […]

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Our collaboration with the Cheste City Council, an exciting collaboration

Agreement between Cheste city Council and our local plant

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