The success of our new frozen chicken croquettes reaches the media


This August we are launching in Mercadona, as the new frozen chicken croquettes in retail, a new variety of deep-frozen signature croquettes, our „Caprichos de pollo“. These caprices are made with noble and fresh products, with authentic, freshly made béchamel sauce for proven quality. Only 3 minutes are needed to make them, the time needed to fry them, as they do not even need to be defrosted to enjoy a creamy filling and a crunchy batter. They are available in 500 gram packages containing between 15 and 20 units.

In the different media that have echoed our success in the supermarket (they have already become one of the best-selling croquettes), several attributes and qualities of the Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods product have been commented on and the chicken caprices have been praised: „very pleasant flavour and complement very well any of the dishes in which they are incorporated“, „Your meetings will not be the same without Mercadona’s new chicken croquettes“, „their conservation system guarantees the preservation of their properties“, „Mercadona’s new croquettes that knock your socks off“, etc.

We are very proud that the media have given us this recognition!

Here are some of the articles commented by the media „elMIRA„, „okdiario„, „XCatalunya„, „Directo al Paladar“ and „ElNacional.Cat„.

We follow the artisan guidelines of the most traditional recipes

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