Are you a professional? We offer you tailor-made solutions, with capacity and flexibility, assuming a commitment to efficiency. 

Leaders in food safety and quality, we have the most prestigious international certificates in our 15 production plants.

Your partner in Freshness,
Taste and Tradition

We work with our sights set on the long term, as partners, sharing our passion and perspective with our customers. We innovate with differentiated production lines, such as meat without antibiotics, or flexitarian products, and the same is true for our formats, to provide solutions to manufacturers and food services.

We have dedicated packaging according to your needs and always with sustainability in mind: cuatripack (zero food waste trend), flat skin (up to 60% saving in plastic), and with the tendency to achieve full circular economy: recycled plastic wrappers that can be subsequently recycled.

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We have logistics capable
of reaching any part of the world
and an investment capacity
to undertake shared projects.

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