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La escudella es un plato originario de nuestra tierra, Cataluña. […]

Arroz al horno

El arroz al horno es un plato típico de la […]


El puchero es un guiso tradicional de España de origen […]


Lamb shoulder or leg of lamb is a classic of […]

Sirloin chops

For the most gourmets! Lamb chops are one of the […]

Neck of lamb

Have you tried neck of lamb? Although it’s not one […]

Neck of lamb

The yearling beef steak will be a good choice for […]

Diced yearling beef

Diced yearling beef is ideal for preparing your best stews. […]

Tex-Mex pork strips

Our Tex-Mex style pork strips have many interpretations: from delicious […]

Mixed mince

Depending on the recipe you’re preparing, you might have some […]

1st Class extra thin deluxe beef steaks

Our 1st class beef steaks guarantee the meat maturation. For […]

Mixed mince

The prepared mixed pork and beef mince has a thousand […]

1st A yearling beef steak

If you want to enjoy a good beef steak, you’ll […]

Yearling prime rib

If we choose to take home prime rib, we’re buying […]

Earling rib eye

There’s no better piece of meat from the yearling than […]

Beef mince

Our 700 g tray of beef mince is ideal for […]

Yearling sirloin

Sometimes it’s necessary to celebrate ourselves. That’s why we decide […]

Pork mince

Macaroni, stuffed aubergines, burgers… A great many delicious dishes suitable […]

Beef mince

We use low-fat, lean meat to make our 100% beef […]

Diced beef

Our diced beef is the perfect choice if you’re looking […]

Pork mince

Pork mince is one of the tastiest and most versatile […]

Diced pork

Diced lean pork, ready to cook. A hit for adding […]

Diced beef

Tender and succulent diced beef, with a high protein and […]

Fresh pork collar

Are you looking for a sustainable buy? Pork collar cutlets […]

Diced pork

Fresh and tasty diced pork. Ideal for making stews, sauces […]

Fresh pork collar

Pork collar is one of the most valued parts of […]

Fresh pork collar

Tender whole piece of pork collar. Frozen to enjoy on […]

Natural pork belly

Delicious diced pork belly with a pleasant flavour and succulence […]

Natural pork belly

Our sliced pork belly, packaged in FlatSkin, has 60% less […]

Fresh pork belly

Pork belly or bacon is a piece with high energetic […]

Natural pork belly

Are you planning a barbecue? Don’t forget that a barbecue […]

Fresh pork loin

We present sliced pork loin in innovative FlatSkin packaging, 100% […]

Fresh pork tenderloin

Delicious white pork steak from Spanish farms. 100% natural, without […]

Fresh pork loin

Our fresh sliced pork loin is ideal for popping on […]

Fresh pork loin

Our sliced frozen pork loin is the best option if […]

Fresh pork loin

Fresh pork loin is a white meat that has very […]

Pigs, cattle and sheep. Experts in slaughtering and quartering, we work
with the highest quality standards accredited by the main certifications. This has allowed us to reach customers in more than 50 countries on 5 continents.

We adapt our products to the different and changing consumption habits of the global society, and we customise them according to regions or countries in order to offer the most suitable range.


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