Tasty filling, crispy, prepared to homemade standards
Fingerfood: chic and informal bites
Mediterranean product, surprising flavour
Easy to cook, ready in 3 minutes
Also available GLUTEN-FREE
Products CroKing

Cuttlefish croquette

A delicious gourmet starter of croquettes filled with cuttlefish in […]

Cod croquette

Great flaked cod croquettes combined with a creamy bechamel base […]

Mussel croquette

Are you looking for a different croquette? Enjoy the creamy […]

Boletus croquette

Exquisite frozen boletus croquettes, with all the nutrients as fresh […]

Spinach croquette

From traditional and artisan recipes of Spain, we present our […]

Pre-fried chorizo croquette

Croquettes originating from Spain with an authentic chorizo flavour and […]

Stew croquette

Our stew croquettes are a very complete food, as they […]

Spinach croquette

Tasty homemade spinach croquettes made with fresh milk. They are […]

Pre-fried stew croquette

Fresh from our food handler, our stew croquettes are crunchy, […]

Fresh stew croquette

Fantastic croquettes filled with tender and creamy traditional stew, made […]

Fresh Roquefort croquette

Cheese croquettes are a traditional Spanish product. Made from top-quality […]

Roquefort croquette

What a delight! We present you with our crunchy croquettes […]

Ham croquette

Our frozen serrano ham croquettes maintain a crunchy and creamy […]

Pre-fried Roquefort croquette

Cheese croquettes are a traditional Spanish product. Made from top-quality […]

Pre-fried ham croquette

A classic! Serrano ham croquettes are made with shavings of […]

Fresh ham croquette

Creamy serrano ham croquettes with the intense flavour of traditional […]

Fresh chicken croquette

Delicious croquettes with smooth bechamel and top-quality chicken. A traditional […]

Chicken croquette

Considered to be a “Traditional Spanish Product”, our chicken croquettes […]

How many stories have been passed on to the children and grandchildren kneading the croquettes of the night, that unforgettable dish that your mother and grandmother made like no other, right?

Our Croking recipes bring back those memories and flavours. Prepared as in traditional cuisine, with noble products and fresh vegetables, they offer you the same ingredients, always natural, the same process, the same care. We use top quality raw materials: fresh whole milk, butter (no margarine or vegetable oils), and sofritos made with extra virgin olive oil.

A filling with an unmistakable flavour wrapped in a thin, crunchy layer of delicate batter that you won’t find in the competition. Each croquette in the Croking range has its own personality and colour.

Our tapa par excellence, our tradition and our heritage, just the way you like them, so that all you have to do is share them and create new unforgettable moments.


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