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Pork fajitas

Very fresh pork cut into thin strips, accompanied by vegetables […]

Pork collar marinated in arrabiata

We present our sliced pork collar marinated in the famous […]

Extra-tender loin

Extra-tender pork loin fillets thanks to its tenderizing process which […]

Loin fillets with ham and cheese

Our breaded pork fillets with ham and cheese are made […]

Breaded chicken fillet

Don’t let the kids trick you! Our delicious breaded chicken […]

Breaded beef fillet

Breaded beef fillets are a handy dish which everyone likes […]

Breaded pork loin fillet

Is there anything more satisfying than a breaded pork fillet? […]

Breaded pork fillet

You don’t even have to be hungry for our tasty, […]

Marinated pork loin

Our best traditional recipe of paprika loin which all the […]

Pork loin with garlic

Pork loin is considered a low-fat white meat, easy to […]

Tenderloin marinated in mushroom sauce

Delicious pork tenderloin, whole and tender, marinated with an exquisite […]

Tenderloin marinated in BBQ sauce

Our pork tenderloin marinated in barbecue sauce will bring the […]

Beef medallion

The beef medallion is the most tender and succulent part […]

Rosemary-marinated tenderloin

Tasty pork tenderloin marinated with an aromatic rosemary sauce. A […]

Turkey medallion

Our turkey breast medallions are a highly appreciated and succulent […]

Beef sirloin medallion

The sirloin is the quintessential prime cut of beef, and […]

Pork loin medallion

Our pork loin medallions are easy to cook due to […]

Chicken medallion

Chicken is a basic food in any diet. But often, […]

Honey and mustard sirloin medallion

Are you an expert in the kitchen? Our magnificent pork […]

Pork sirloin medallion

If you’re a meat foodie, pork sirloin medallions are for […]


Also in 1 kilo packets for the most foodies. Delicious […]

Provençal sirloin medallion

Travel to French Provence with our pork sirloin medallions in […]


For the best dishes and desserts we have the best […]

The tender meats from Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods are delicioso, lecker, délicieux, delectamenti, delizoso, delicios, gozoak…

We know your family isn’t like families used to be; or your life or your way of thinking or doing things. But we also know that you do enjoy eating like before, with fresh, varied, healthy products. And here we help you with some meat products designed for you: quick and easy to cook, with all the traditional tenderness and taste.

We improve daily so the whole family, from grandparents to kids, get to enjoy them.

Because eating well will never be incompatible with eating Delicioso.

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