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Tapas Mix – Ham x2, Chorizo, Salchichón

Convenient and practical cuatripack packaging, with double ham, chorizo and […]

Iberian Fuet

Our Iberian fuet is made with more than 45% Iberian […]

Fine herbs fuet extra

Have you tried our fuet flavoured with fine herbs? Enjoy […]

Red pepper fuet extra

Made exclusively with pork meat, coated in red pepper. A […]

Onion fuet extra

Fuet spiced with dried onion, a daring and explosive combination […]

Black pepper fuet extra

We combine tradition and trend in a single fuet. One […]

Lactose-free Fuet Extra

Now the most irresistible, our fuet extra is also lactose-free. […]

Garlic fuet extra

Great cured meat combines the classic fuet with flavouring ingredients […]

Spicy Sarta

Spicy sarta chorizo with natural casing, spiced with hot paprika, […]

Fuet Extra

A good extra fuet, a good memory. Its flavor is […]


Salami is one of those cured meats that once you […]

Mild Sarta

Mild sarta chorizo, the perfect combination of ingredients and curing […]

Longaniza de Payés

With the traditional recipe to achieve the flavour of the […]


Charcuterie of Italian origins, with a Mediterranean flavour, widespread and […]

Thinly Sliced Peppered Salchichón

Delicious salchichón marinated in black pepper, with the ideal slow […]

Longaniza de Payés

We always love a homemade classic. Captivate your guests with […]

Thinly Sliced Peppered Chorizo

Unmistakeable spicy flavour, with the sweetness of paprika and the […]

Pamplona Chorizo

From the most popular cured meat, we offer this variety […]


Salchichón is one of the most popular cured meats in […]

Pamplona Chorizo

The perfect combination of lean pork with the right proportion […]

Spicy Chorizo

Do you dare to try everything? This chorizo is for […]

Spicy Chorizo

Do you dare to try everything? This chorizo is for […]

Loin collar

The cut and curing of our loin collar give it […]

Chorizo Extra

Nothing like a good plate of chorizo to savour the […]

Loin collar

The loin collar is one of our most valuable cured […]

Cured pork loin

Delicious piece of cured pork loin. Present it at your […]

Cured pork loin

Tradition, freshness and taste. Our cured meats have everything you […]

There’s no better word to describe cured meats than “tradition”, living history, almost as old as humankind and a classic of Mediterranean gastronomy.

The history of our Group goes back more than half a century, when brothers Joan, Joaquím and Càndid Cañigueral started doing business in the meat sector. And in the 1980s they started making cured meat on a large scale. Now we continue making top quality meats, just like before, always putting tradition and flavour first.

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