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There’s no better word to describe cured meats than “tradition”, living history, almost as old as humankind and a classic of Mediterranean gastronomy.

The history of our Group goes back more than half a century, when brothers Joan, Joaquím and Càndid Cañigueral started doing business in the meat sector. And in the 1980s they started making cured meat on a large scale. Now we continue making top quality meats, just like before, always putting tradition and flavour first.


Serrano ham is both a gastronomic and cultural delicacy, a gourmet product from ancient times to the present day, a representative of a tradition, a society and a culture that make gastronomy an art.


Serrano ham is a healthy food rich in nutrients and protein, low in calories, suitable for people of all ages and suitable for a healthy diet. The following legend fully reflects the traditional, natural and delicious characteristics of the product:


Source of proteins, essential for muscle development. muscle development. If a healthy adult requires 40 to 60 g of protein per day, 150 g of ham would cover those needs with 45.75 g.


In terms of fat content, 50% is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, which are considered healthy. Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid for energy efficiency, can only be obtained from food.


The body needs sodium to function properly, as it aids in nerve and muscle function. Sodium helps maintain a proper balance of fluids in a body.


Some of the most important minerals in ham are zinc, potassium, calcium, of which 100 g provide 5% of the recommended daily intake, and phosphorus (of which it can provide up to 20% of the recommended daily intake).


The vitamins of group B act together for the good metabolism of the body, from the proteins ingested. For example: Due to its high content of vitamin B1, the consumption of ham helps to overcome stress and anxiety. B2 helps to have a healthy skin, promotes the growth and repair of tissues, among other functions. In the formation of red blood cells in the blood and the maintenance of the central nervous system vitamin B12 and B6 play a great role.

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