Our roots, the Mediterranean

Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods is the reflection of our history told through the senses. A brand which gathers the inherited essence of a land characterised by the quality of its food. A healthy balance between quality products: fruit, vegetables, olive oil... and of course meat, that irreplaceable source of energy, iron and vitamins which we bring to you.

The Mediterranean is our identity

“Medi terraneum”, that fertile soil toasted by the sun and bathed by the sea of the same name is a universal reference point for many historical and cultural reasons and for one very special reason: its gastronomy.

Cuisine is its way of understanding the world, slow food versus fast food, an ideal combination of quality meats, tasty spices, fruit and vegetables which allow us to enjoy the pleasure of good taste whilst we look after ourselves with the healthiest diet. A balanced food pattern which the experts consider capable of preventing vascular diseases, oxidation, premature ageing and depression better than any other.

The Mediterranean is the land of tapas, this concept of ours which mixes eating well with pleasant chats with friends. That which cultivates herbs and spices in order to attain the most delicate, spiciest or most intense flavours to marinate our meats and charcuterie.

The Mediterranean is the land of fire which feeds the best barbecues. That which reveres innovation and respect for tradition at the same time. That which allows us to savour both moments of solitude and the good times spent in the best company.

We’re from here so we’ve inherited all of these traditions. The Mediterranean captures the best of its surroundings, its connections and the variety that characterises all our villages and towns. And at Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods, we capture the best of the Mediterranean, which has given us cultural and gastronomic richness and much more... a common background in order to understand life.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet: a wise inheritance which was proclaimed an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013 and is endorsed by experts in all cultures of the world.

“Best diet overall” for the second year running.

US News and World Report, 2019

Mediterranean is the best way to eat in 2019, according to new diet rankings.


A Mediterranean-style diet can help you achieve the American Heart Association’s recommendations for a healthy dietary pattern.

American Heart Association, 2020

Weight-loss fads and eating trends come and go, but the so-called Mediterranean diet has stood fast. “Among all diets,” Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health concluded in an email, “the traditional Mediterranean diet is most strongly supported for delivering long term health and wellbeing.”

The New York Times Company, 2018

Best diet for healthy eating, best plant-based diet, best diet for diabetes and easiest diet to follow.

CNN Health, 2019

It's more than a diet, it's a lifestyle, it also encourages eating with friends and family, socializing over meals.

Atlanta, registered dietitian Rahaf Al Bochi

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, certain cancers, depression, and in older adults, a decreased risk of frailty, along with better mental and physical function.

Hardvard Health Publishing (Hardvard Medial School, 2019
Meat properties
Necessary for our muscles
Necessary for the proper development of our bones
Participates in the proper formation of red blood cells
Important for the transportation of oxygen
Necessary for the proper maintenance of our bones
Contributes to normal DNA synthesis
Necessary for the development of our bones
Participates in the adequate maintenance of our teeth
Has a role in cell division processes
Participates in the proper functioning of the immune system
B2, B3
Contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue
Participate in the proper functioning of the metabolism
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