Present at the 5th Business Event for the Mediterranean Corridor


The 5th Business Act for the Mediterranean Corridor was held in Madrid with more than 1,300 attendees grouped in the #QuieroCorredor movement, a business and social initiative promoted by the Valencian Business Association, with the aim of demanding the completion of the Mediterranean Corridor in 2025.

The Mediterranean Corridor is a railway infrastructure, that is a set of tracks that allows trains, both for resources and people, to travel along them. The most important benefits of the corridor are that it reinforces and promotes a cost-saving policy and that its structure and operation benefits the environment by creating a transport network that facilitates logistics between the countries of the Corridor and Europe.

The corridor will consist of a double platform in international gauge that will link and connect cities such as Barcelona and Valencia with the rest of Europe.

Accelerating the Corridor is activating a whole country to be closer and go further


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