Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods at SIRHA Lyon 2021


From 23 to 27 September we will be present at Sirha Lyon 2021, held at Eurexpo Lyon (France). Sirha is one of the leading trade fairs in the food industry, aimed exclusively at the Horeca channel. This fair brings together in the same physical space different innovations, visions, exchanges of knowledge and major competitions that allow everyone to integrate the new modifications of a constantly evolving ecosystem.

We are pleased to inform that it has been a success so far and that we look forward to receiving your visits to discuss the market situation, our culture, Mediterranean gastronomy and to inform you of the many new developments in our products and processes.



You can meet us at stand 1H 50_03 (which complies with all the protocols against COVID19) to share knowledge about trends and future perspectives of our sector.

In this fair, apart from the different stands of each brand, you will also find several areas where you can enjoy the place and where you can also enjoy a meal in an establishment dedicated to it:

  • Sirha Cuisine Sylvestre Restaurant
  • Welcome area – Lyon Welcomes Lyon Street Food
  • Sirha Area Chefs’ Area – Bocuse d’Or
  • Café area: Collection of biowaste between the different rooms using electric tricycles.

In this café area there will also be a harvest of coffee grounds, which will be used mainly for a future mushroom farm, which will be sold to Michelin-starred chefs in Lyon.

On the 27th SIRHA 2021 in Lyon comes to an end and from there we focus on Cologne, Germany, to prepare for Anuga where you will find us with the same predisposition and desire to deal with each of you.


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