About Grup Cañigueral

Grup Cañigueral is a well-established business holding in the food sector with a history of more than half a century. We came into existence in 1969, and we’ve grown while maintaining our roots and family-focused approach. Currently led by the second generation, we keep the values inherited from our foundation alive: concern for people, continuous improvement through effort, and passion for a job well done.


A 360º industry

We’re a dynamic industry. We control the whole value chain, from the farm to the plate, a 360º industry where we ensure the quality of all our products and the transparency demanded by our customers and consumers. From our 15 specialist plants, certified for the main export destinations, we distribute a wide portfolio of pork, beef and lamb/mutton products across the whole world. And we go beyond that, with innovative cured turkey or chicken charcuterie and non-meat based products such as our spinach, cheese, cod and cuttlefish croquettes...

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We offer solutions adapted to the needs of the 21st century with food safety and quality so that you enjoy your time for yourself and your loved ones.

Time cannot be bought... but we’ll do the impossible to give it to you.
Obtaining health food products of the highest quality, adapted to the tastes and needs of today’s consumers.
Passion is the inner strength which drives you to excellence, fills you with energy, takes you where you never imagined. That which allows us to achieve our purpose.
The Group in figures
A constant, responsible and shared growth
1.023 Millions in turnover
115 Millions in reinvestment in the last 3 years
4.000 People
15 Production plants
200.000 m2 of industrial land
+50 Countries

3.5 Millions of hogs/year
11,000 Numbers of beef/year
150,000 Lambs/year
400 Millones kg/year
38 Lines of sliced products
250 Millions of trays/year
Production plants

Our 15 production plants are located in rural areas on the Mediterranean shore, creating economic dynamism and helping to stabilize the population. Overall, we have more than 200,000 m2 of industrial land, specialised by product type.

Leaders in processes

Our goal is to be efficient and this means exploring new ways of production. Such as, for example, the quartering, cutting and packing of our meat which is carried out in continuous flow, without stock in order to capture optimum freshness, and guarantee you get products of only the highest quality, whether they’re fresh or frozen.

Innovating in processes allows us to offer you new sensations on your palate. The juiciest hamburger meat because it’s made using the “low pressure” technique, offering a loose texture... Innovating is also using advanced technology to return to the past and replicate, step by step, the process of our grandmothers, making croquettes with creamy dough and fine and crunchy breaded batter, like ours. No one else makes them like this.

Together with INNOVAC, we are researching the recovery of proteins from slaughterhouses ( Read more ).

A quality-focused chain

The monitoring of our own agri-food chain guarantees you traceability, food safety and quality from the farm to the table. Our specialised production plants are equipped with microbiology laboratories which carry out constant analyses of the product. X-ray and artificial vision controls guarantee complete trustworthiness regarding the label.

We understand quality as a shared task of continuous improvement in all areas. And in order to achieve this, the first step is full control of the food chain, which we apply working shoulder to shoulder with our farm suppliers so that we can know the origin and breeding of our animals, and guarantee traceability.

In the manufacturing processes, we apply a policy of Product Governance which focuses on food safety and quality. With these premises, we verify health and hygiene at all phases of production through the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and the Standardised Plans for Hygiene Control (PNCH). In order to respond to any possible emergency, we establish and use incident management plans. We follow a responsible marketing policy, giving accurate information on our products with full transparency and responding to communications from the consumer confidentially and thoroughly.

Our production activities have the most relevant quality certifications in the world.

As a result, we’ve reached new strategic markets and succeeded in being the first national company with USDA certification to export white-skinned pork to the United States.

We slice in clean rooms in order to achieve the best guarantees of hygiene and we use technology 4.0, such as, for example, our automatic transporters which control the quality of one of the most complex processes, curing.

Corporate policy
In Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods and Cañigueral Group, we have equipped ourselves with a Compliance management system to guarantee the fulfillment of Company directives and regulations, to quickly detect and resolve hypothetical breaches. Our objective is to guarantee an unequivocally ethical, transparent and understandable behavior of all the people that make up the Organization.

Defines our global strategy in order to act with honesty and integrity, based on a socially and environmentally responsible commitment.

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Opposed to any type of corruption, we work under the principle of legality and we renounce to influence the wills of others through the use of illegal practices.

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We apply an effective management and response system for possible complaints that may be presented with a regulated process of mandatory compliance with evaluation of the incidence.

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We look for a favorable environment. We assume multiculturalism with people employed from 50 nationalities and non-discrimination based on race, color, sex, marital status, ideology, religion ...

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We recognize the intrinsic dignity, as well as the equal and inalienable rights of all the members of the human family and we additionally assume non-violence as an essential norm.

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Certified with the IFS FOOD Standards certification, one of the biggest standards of quality and food safety across the world, we guarantee our customers and end consumers the best product.

Certified with the BRC global standard, specific to the safety of agri-food products. This means that we ensure the quality and safety of the food products we offer to consumers.

AENOR certifies the quality and authenticity of the denomination of “Iberian pork” in our products. The certifying company carries out regular checks on our plants, associated with the slaughter, quartering, elaboration and production of our products subject to this denomination.

Traceability is essential to ensuring food quality along the food distribution chain. OCA Instituto de Certificación, S.L.U regularly audits us in order to certify that we comply with the regulations established in the technical document Swine Traceability System and with Regulation EC-178/2002 (article 18), in each of the production and distribution stages.

The new IRTA certification system, developed with AENOR and based on the protocols of Welfare Quality, guarantees our focus on complying with animal welfare legislation.

The certification of Specific Auto-control Systems authorises us to export our products at the European level, guaranteeing that our plants comply with the procedures and requirements of the official veterinary certification established in the Royal Decree 993/2014, of 28th November.

The ISO standard 14001 facilitates the necessary requirements in order to be able to implement an Environmental Management System. Therefore, we put all our efforts into complying with and improving our Environmental Management System.

Certified Centers:
-Embutidos Monter SLU, by Bureau Veritas

We also have the certificate of the Legal Audit of the occupational risk prevention system that certifies that we comply with all legal procedures in terms of Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Prevention in our management and production system, in accordance with the provisions of Law 31/1995 on Occupational Risk Prevention, Law 54/2003 and Royal Decree 604/2006 on occupational risk prevention ( Learn more ).

Certified Centers:
-Frigorífics Costa Brava SAU, by Bureau Veritas

We have two production plants with Halal certification. Products with the Halal seal of guarantee add value to the product and guarantee its quality during the process of production, handling, storage, transport and distribution.

We were the first Spanish company to be certified for the exportation of meat products to the United States. USDA (the Department of Agriculture in the United States) is the federal agency responsible for supervising the food and agricultural industry in the US, regulating the entry of this type of products coming from overseas.

We were the first Spanish company to be approved for the export of meat products to the United States. USDA (United States Department of Agriculture is the federal agency in charge of supervising the U.S. agricultural food industry, regulating the entry of products of this type coming from abroad into its territory.

The Traditional Speciality Guaranteed seal ensures a product has specific differentiating characteristics from other food in the same category. The seal guarantees that a product is produced from traditional raw materials or those that have a traditional or artisan composition, production method or processing. In the case of our Serrano hams, produced according to traditional methods, the process cannot be less than 210 days and includes the stages of salting, washing-brushing, resting or post-salting, drying-maturing and ageing or refining.

Our History

The founders, Joan, Joaquím and Càndid Cañigueral, started their family business in Cassà de la Selva (Girona), which later became the company JOAN CAÑIGUERAL S.A. and the commercial brand “MONTER” came into existence.
Later, commercialisation was extended in Barcelona and the surrounding area, with a centre in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Frigoríficos Costa Brava S.A.

The slaughter room FRIGORÍFICOS COSTA BRAVA S.A. was started in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona) together with two other companies.


EMBUTIDOS MONTER, S.L. was founded and the premises of a cured charcuterie factory in Sant Jaume de Llierca were acquired.

MERCADONA Incorporation as a supplier

Creation of a clean room in the Sant Jaume de Llierca factory, with an expansion of the facilities, increasing the number of slicing lines and improving capacity and productivity.

Les Planes d'Hostoles

The Cañigueral family acquired the Productos Cárnicos Pirene factory, in Les Planes d’Hostoles, in order to continue the business expansion.


In 2002 we launched the first cured turkey meat on the national Spanish market. Healthier products: up to 30% less fat.


Acquisition of Coopecarn Girona S.L. (Quart). New activity with marinated and frozen meat, mostly for exportation.

Embutidos Monter

In 2011, the first stage of expansion of the Les Planes facilities began.
Robotic technology was introduced into the manufacturing process of the product.
One year later, the second stage of expansion of the Les Planes centre started, with new dryers which allowed an increase of 250 tonnes in the drying capacity.


Our Frigoríficos Costa Brava factory entered in the Japanese market.


Merger between the Cassà de la Selva premises and the Quart centre, in order to establish the company COOPECARN GIRONA S.L.U.


Costa Brava is the first national company approved for the exportation of white-layer pork meat to the United States, thanks to having passed the most demanding standards for quality and food safety in the world.

Frescos Delisano

New addition to Grup Cañigueral: FRESCOS Y ELABORADOS DELISANO S.A.U., an innovative plant specialising in cutting and packing.
A supplier to Mercadona, they’re committed to freshness and work with fresh pork and lamb, pre-prepared products, burger meats and preparations for stews.
They’re based in Cheste (Valencia) with a staff of more than 1,000 people

Costa Brava Foods grows

Costa Brava Foods presents the expansion of their current factory, which totals 23,000 m², with a team of more than 1,400 specialised workers, allowing a productive capacity of more than 3 million pigs annually.

FAR Jamón Serrano

Grup Cañigueral acquired the company FAR Jamón Serrano, S.A.U., located in Les Preses (Girona) with the aim of introducing the entire range of cured meats in the Group, diversifying business and expanding sales with increased exports.


We created a charcuterie package with a sustainability goal: the cuatripack, towards zero waste.


We updated our product catalogue with an innovative healthy option: chicken charcuterie in snack-type packaging, easy to eat anywhere.


In February, Grup Cañigueral acquired some new facilities in Vilamalla (Girona) which added 10,000 square metres and overtook Costa Brava Foods as the company’s second largest quartering room.


In October, the Group presented the new international brand COSTA BRAVA MEDITERRANEAN FOODS, which groups all the products destined for exportation, from all the companies. It consists of three lines: FRESH, DELICIOUS and TRADITION.

The brand was introduced at the International Fair SIAL PARIS, held from the 21st to 25th October.


In 2002, we brought out the first cured turkey charcuterie, and now we continue innovating with the finest and most healthy cured turkey breast. Even healthier.


We entered into the North American and United States market with our traditional star product: serrano ham.


The COSTA BRAVA MEDITERRANEAN FOODS portfolio includes beef products from the company FRICAFOR. From then on the new and extensive beef group was added to fresh pork, prepared meat-based products and charcuterie and snacks.