Our identity

The Mediterranean is our identity. Our brand, products and gastronomic culture, based on one of the healthiest patterns in the world: the Mediterranean diet. And from here we’ve been leaders in reaching strategic markets, such as China or the US, and more than 50 countries on the five continents.
Half a century moving forward with you, with quality and warmth, in order to offer you the food solutions you need.

The Mediterranean diet: a wise gastronomic inheritance proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO which we want to take to the fridges of the whole planet

The Mediterranean diet means a healthy balance between quality products such as olive oil, vegetables... and of course meat and cured meat, that irreplaceable source of energy which we bring to you.

Our R+D+I

Plants equipped with the most advanced systems of industrial production
Disruptive techniques to find new food solutions
Fifty years of history and the knowledge of three generations
Test, improve, test, improve and always move forward because we never settle.

Leaders in products and packaging

Thanks to this innovative spirit, we’ve become champions of new products, some examples of which are:

2002/ 2017

Turkey charcuterie

We launched the cured turkey charcuterie in 2002 and we were the first on the market. An accomplishment that we repeated in 2017 with the healthiest charcuterie on the market: cured turkey breast in thin slices, even healthier.

Chicken charcuterie

We were also leaders in the creation of cured chicken charcuterie. A variety that was added to our range of meat-based snacks with great market success.

Cuatripack packaging

Concerned about zero food waste, we innovated with the cuatripack packaging, which provides the right size for a sandwich or tapas, and is also a breakthrough in sustainability.
Certification and awards for our products

The Traditional Speciality Guaranteed seal, like the Consorcio Serrano, ensures that a product possesses some specific differentiating characteristics, such as the case of our Serrano hams, produced according to traditional methods, with curing no less than 210 days and following the stages of salting, washing-brushing, resting or post-salting, drying-maturing and ageing or refining. Our products seek to be as natural as possible with Clean Label. The DLG, ITQI and SABOR DEL AÑO (Taste of the Year) are some of the quality seals which have set apart our cured charcuterie, fresh meat and burgers in recent years.

The Traditional Speciality Guaranteed seal ensures a product has specific differentiating characteristics from other food in the same category. The seal guarantees that a product is produced from traditional raw materials or those that have a traditional or artisan composition, production method or processing. In the case of our Serrano hams, produced according to traditional methods, the process cannot be less than 210 days and includes the stages of salting, washing-brushing, resting or post-salting, drying-maturing and ageing or refining.

The Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español (CJSE), organisation for international promotion and quality control, certifies and guarantees that our exported Serrano ham is a high-quality product. Only those Serrano hams which comply with the strict regulations of CJSE for both quality and product are analysed and certified. All Serrano hams which go through this selection process are identified with the “ConsorcioSerrano” seal.

Our Clean Label seal is an indicator of commitment to satisfying the tendencies of the end consumer regarding products without additives and with secure packaging. We give importance to the production of “clean” products made traditionally, without adding artificial flavourings, in order to offer completely natural and healthy food.

GAS Gold is one of three awarded by the German Agricultural Society. It awards the product as per three categories: GAS in gold, silver and bronze. Products submitted to the GAS tests must go through a sensory analysis, laboratory studies and a preparation, packaging and labelling test. This testing methodology is officially certified in accordance with the ISO and DIN which are used in many areas of food quality monitoring.

The Superior Taste Award is an award granted annually which recognises food and drink of excellent quality and flavour. This award is granted by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi). Receiving this award is an indicator of high quality and guaranteed taste for consumers.

This quality seal is based on the assessment of real consumers and experts who analyse the flavouring qualities of the products. In 2019, four of our burgers were awarded the Sabor del Año seal (Taste of the Year): the big mixed burger, the mini paprika-flavoured burger, the onion burger and the ham and caramelised onion burger.

Present in more than 50 countries

This is how we relate to the world, taking the Mediterranean to more than 50 countries on the five continents with more than 5,000 containers/year.

We started exportation in the 1970s and, putting quality first, we’ve become leaders in the main strategic markets of the world, such as China, where we entered in 2008 and are present in the main supermarkets. Not to mention the United States, a country where we were the first Spanish company to export white-skinned pork (2013). In both countries we have a large share of Spanish exports, just like in Japan and several Asian countries.

Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods is also currently present in the whole of Europe, the main LATAM countries, Africa and New Zealand. Providing more value to our customers and consumers.

+50 Countries
5 Continents
+5.000 Containers/year