At the „Cercle Empresarial“ Charity Gala for the „Fundación por la Esclerosis“ we were awarded for our growth


The first charity gala organised by the „Cercle Empresarial“ was created in favour of the „Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple“. It was held last Friday 20th May at the Sant Gregori Castle and was a success, with a full house and more than 190 people attending. The dinner was prepared by the Restaurant Mimolet and the attendees were delighted with performances of „Events Òpera“ that made the atmosphere great.

During the event, the Cercle took the opportunity to recognize different companies from Girona for their great work and success in the market. In this section was when we received the award for our growth, along with successful local companies for their great work as „Cafès Cornellà“ and the „Associació de Càmpings de Girona“.

To conclude this charity event, all the funds raised at the dinner were donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, which was the main objective for which the Cercle Empresarial Gala was held.

We were delighted to participate in such magnificent initiatives and grateful for the award received from them

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