Our Longaniza de Payés and Longaniza de Pascua in Mercadona’s top according to DAP


Our colleagues at Directo al Paladar have compiled a list on their blog of what they consider to be the best private label products from Mercadona, given that this supermarket is currently the „favourite“ of Spaniards with 24.8% of the market share. This list includes 29 products from different areas and our longanizas appear at number 21.

Both the „longaniza de payés“ and the „longaniza de Pascua“ appear in this top 21 and receive several very positive comments from the Directo al Paladar team: „For me it is one of the best“, „I have tried it in other places and I don’t like it as much. I use them to make cheese tables and they are both delicious“.


The publication also provides information on how and for how much our products are sold. The „Longaniza de Payés“ is sold in four 125g packs for 1.58 euros and the „Longaniza de Pascua“ is sold in 140g packs for 2 euros. Both are sold under the chain’s packaging.

Two „Longanizas“ adapted to the needs and tastes of our consumers to enjoy at any time

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