Our measures generate water savings equivalent to one Olympic-size swimming pool every two days


At Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods we work every day to improve as much as possible in terms of sustainability, to move forward together towards a better future with more opportunities. The environment and all its aspects have always been a cross-cutting theme in our corporate culture.

On this occasion, we would like to proudly inform you of the changes we have carried out to achieve great savings in water, but we do not want to play down the importance of our reduction in gas and electricity consumption or in our reduction of plastics used, which has also been progressing exponentially over the last few years.

The most important changes made in this area are:

– Implementation of new water sterilisers: these sterilisers inactivate large quantities of waste water as quickly and easily as possible so that the material can continue to be used.

– Creation of a reverse osmosis plant to reuse the water from the sewage treatment plant.

With these two major implementations (among others), the correct management and maximum use of this resource is guaranteed and we will manage to save the equivalent of an Olympic-size swimming pool every two days.

Because water is a very precious natural resource and we must ensure rational consumption

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