We participated in the conference on Food Safety in the meat sector


This week we have participated in the Food Safety conference of the meat sector together with „INNOVACC Clúster Català de la carn i la proteïna alternativa“ and „Packaging Cluster“.

This event was held at the „Barcelona Support Center“ and consisted of various talks by important institutions and, to finish, a guided tour of the centre with a product tasting to detect contaminants.

The first talk was given by Anna Jofré, Researcher in the Functionality and Food Safety Programme at IRTA (Institute of Agri-Food Research and Technology). The aim of the speech was to explain what food safety is and where we are at the moment.

The second was given by our Director of Quality, Audits and Food Safety, Alfonso Alejos, who explained how the meat sector faces the challenges of food safety, as it is a sector where this factor is very important.

In the last talk, led by Leví Corbacho Lacuesta, Product Manager of Metal Detector and X-Ray of „Mettler-Toledo International“, he showed us the different technologies for the detection of foreign bodies.

Thanks for the invitation and thanks also to those who participated, for the interest they showed in our exhibition

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