The success of our Jamón Gran Reserva in Mercadona reaches the media


Our “Jamón Gran Reserva” has had great success in its introduction on its arrival at Mercadona.

Influencers such as “Mario Ortiz Nutrición” or “Mercadona.novedades” have dedicated posts to our product to publicise the information. Sector magazines such as Alimarket, Cárnica de Comunicación or CanalDis and generalist media such as the digital newspaper “El Español” have also dedicated a post or article on their pages due to the success of the ham and the attractiveness of the news for consumers due to its magnificent value for money.

“El Español” publishes an article with what they define as “the latest supermarket success” related to the introduction of “Jamón Gran Reserva” from our Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods brand in Mercadona. They explain the importance of ham in a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet, while detailing the main characteristics that have made this market success possible.

They point out that this new retailer’s product is of a higher quality than most supermarket products as it only contains the essential ingredients to make it a good product (its list of ingredients is very short as it only consists of pork ham and salt) and that its nutritional values are good.  Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods ham is a food with a high percentage of nutrients, around 30%, considered to be of high quality due to its high biological level as it contains the essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own. This high composition of beneficial nutrients is due to the fact that in the curing process the meat loses a large part of its water and the nutrients are concentrated, which is why there is more protein in ham than in pork.

Half a century of tradition and trust

The article also point out the importance of this type of product in our country, given the long tradition of consumption that makes it an icon for the citizens together with the adaptability it has for them (this food can be found in any type of meal).

Finally, they comment on the open debate on ham as a product of a healthy diet and we can also see how the expert of the post takes a position in favour of our product, arguing that we can eat 4 and 5 portions of 50 grams a week of Costa Brava “Jamón Gran Reserva” without worrying about our health, claiming that in this case it is not an ultra-processed food and that far from being harmful to our health it has health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.


For more information, visit the “El Español” article: El ‘boom’ del nuevo jamón de Mercadona: radiografía del último éxito del ‘súper’ (

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