Rated as one of the best Spanish companies by InfoJobs

The online job search platform InfoJobs awarded us with a […]

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We renew with the teams of Football Integra

We continue working with our friends from UE Figueres, Centre […]

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We remain united in support of the fight against cancer

Once again we collaborate with the “Asociación Contra el Cáncer”

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The success of our new frozen chicken croquettes reaches the media

Many media have echoed the success of our new croquettes

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We continue to make progress on our plastic reduction plan

We are reducing our plastic consumption year on year to […]

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We are committed to energy efficiency

We promote self-consumption and renewable energy sources

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3 convoys of humanitarian aid for Ukraine

We took part in the 30×15 challenge for Ukraine, an […]

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IFS Certification at all Group plants

For yet another year, we have achieved the world’s most […]

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Awarded for the Best Mid-market Corporate Transaction

Together with Vall Companys we have been rewarded by the […]

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From PLMA in Amsterdam to Fancy Foods in New York

Presence in Amsterdam and New York to continue representing the […]

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At the „Cercle Empresarial“ Charity Gala for the „Fundación por la Esclerosis“ we were awarded for our growth

We are delighted to collaborate with the „Cercle Empresarial“ in […]

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Joining the Med Diet Declaration, for the best Diet in the world

We promote and preserve the values of the Mediterranean Diet […]

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